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Street & Parking Lot Sweeping

Ensure your lot always looks neat and presentable with parking lot sweeping services from Sundance Sweeping. Two-man teams are assigned to your property to provide the most efficient, cost-effective maintenance possible.

Sundance typically provides two-man crews with necessary equipment to clean each property effectively, according to schedule. When we arrive at your property, one employee uses the backpack blower to blow all necessary islands, curbs, and entry ways. While the first employee blows the property, the other operates the sweeper to remove all debris. After the blower completes the necessary blowing for the night, he will then use a picker tool to walk the islands and outer perimeter for cups, napkins, etc. Finally, on the double-check process, both employees look for remaining debris. If any is found, they either pick the trash by hand or use push brooms or shovels to remove rocks, glass, or fine dirt.

Sundance ensures quality control through management’s on-site review of the property several times a week during daylight hours. Sundance also uses GPS devices and tracking software on all of its trucks. This allows management and clients to review the amount of time spent at each location, how fast employees are driving, whether the truck is running, and further ensures the integrity of the service.

Sundance recognizes that communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We maintain on-going contact with all Property Managers.

Contact us now for a free estimate or to request parking lot sweeping services for your commercial business or property.