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Day Portering

Make a great first impression on clients and customers by choosing Sundance Sweeping porter services to help you ensure that your property always looks great.

Our day porters can keep your public areas clean and orderly. They will work discreetly to keep such places spotless and appealing for those who have to use or even pass through them. Our porters can perform a wide range of duties, including cleaning bathrooms, replenishing paper supplies, keeping hallways and lobbies clean, keeping the exterior of a building maintained, and making sure high-traffic areas are free of safety hazards

Porter services are available for large property management companies and smaller real estate investors who own two or three shopping centers. We provide excellent services at an affordable cost.

All you need is a standard service agreement for this service, or you can combine it with other services we offer, including parking lot sweeping. Our staff will handle all property maintenance services, including:

  • Cleaning planters & Islands
  • Trash Removal
  • Storefront Window Washing
  • Liner Replacement

After we perform the basic services, we also check to ensure that your property’s trashcan liners are replaced, the ashtrays are clean, and all carts are returned to the appropriate stores or corrals.

Request a service: For trash removal or day portering in the Phoenix Metropoitan area, fill out a Service Request or give us a call.